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Gatlinburg Grind
More than just a 
cup of coffee. 


Truly Great Coffee Experience 

The ultimate goal of Gatlinburg Grind is for our consumers to enjoy the satisfying taste of the freshest roasted coffee beans available.  There is something about the smell and taste of truly fresh brewed coffee that stirs conversation.  



Battle of pour over vs. drip coffee

Good coffee is all about good quality. If you’re going to experience it right, you have to do justice to the process. Coffee addicts will back me on this one. Plug-in brewers are perfect for those trying to fit coffee into their busy lifestyle, but they may just find that the pour over method will add some bliss to those hectic mornings.

Why does the pour-over win?


With good quality beans and the proper grind size, the pour-over method will likely take your cup of coffee to a whole new level. 


Pour overs give you full control over your pouring style, whereas drip coffee machines do it for you.


Most drip brewers don’t reach the ideal temperature range for coffee (205 degrees Fahrenheit), and if they do, they likely won’t stay that hot, which will cause a negative impact on your final cup. 


The simplicity of the design of a pour over method is an advantage when it comes to keeping it clean.

Pour over experience is PRICELESS! Please call ahead to be sure the Barista on team that day is able to do pour over.


More than coffee

Gatlinburg Grind offers much more than coffee, we have something for everyone!  From an unique menu of Fizzers including our signature Shark Bite to the perfect cup of hot chocolate, Gatlinburg Grind is sure to have something for you!   Come enjoy a creative cup of goodness in every sip.  

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Wednesday - Sunday 8:30 AM - 2:30 PM

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