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Introducing the Gatlinburg Grind Coffee Shop and Bakery

We want to take a minute to introduce ourselves over here at the Gatlinburg Grind Coffee Shop and Bakery.

We love coffee! We are centrally located in the Glades Arts & Crafts District of Gatlinburg, TN. Our location is perfect for when you are walking around the shops, as well as on your way in to town. We do have online ordering for those who do not like to wait!

We will be offering fresh roasted and brewed coffees, espresso, cold brews, lattes, specialty cocoas, and more! We also acquired Cliff Tops Coffee and decided to use their specialty roasted coffees as our signature! Our bakery will be stocked with tons of goodies, from fresh baked pastries, churros, cannolis, and New York Bagels - YES! You heard that right, the real deal straight from the big city, boiled and baked to perfection.

Stop In And See Us! Winter Hours are Saturday & Sunday from 7:00 am - 2:00 pm.

We can't wait to serve our community with the freshest coffee around. Our team is working on new items every day, check back with us for an update!

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